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Varsity Ice Hockey 2016

The final Varsity event of the year was lively as ever with over 7,000 students in attendance at Sheffield Arena to see University of Sheffield lift the Varsity cup for the fourth year running. For the second year running, the final event beat the record for highest attendance at a Varsity Ice Hockey match outside North America.


Varsity Supports Sport in Mind

This year Varsity is supporting Sport in Mind which is a mental health sports charity, by encouraging athletes to wear blue and purple laces. The laces are available from the Sport Sheffield office in the SU for a small donation so you can support the charity as well.

Varsity boxing 2016

Varsity Boxing 2016

Varsity was off to a knock out start but left the overall competition even with half a point each from the boxing event. The atmosphere was very lively with over 1,000 students from both Universities cheering on their team, making it an enjoyable evening for both spectators and sportsmen.

Winter Varsity 1

Winter Varsity 2016

On January 1st, eight coaches full of excited students left Sheffield to take on The Alps. Around 600 students from both Universities were ready to compete and spectate at Winter Varsity 2016, the annual competition between The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.