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The Varsity Oath

Varsity is all about respect and fair play, therefore before all athletes compete in the event they must declare and adhere to the Varsity Oath. This oath embeds a culture of pride, equality and respect for the competitors and spectators. This year we have created a joint university film to embody the spirit of The Oath; the video features some of our talented Varsity athletes and the sports officer from each university.


Varsity is Coming

Varsity, one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar is back for 2017 having gone from strength to strength gaining even more participation and spectators than ever before. Last year saw the Ice Hockey final set a new record for the highest attendance at a Varsity ice hockey game outside of North America.

Snowsports Varsity

SnowSports Varsity

On Saturday 17th December athletes from Sheff Ski and SHU Snow left Sheffield ready to take on The Alps. Hundreds of students from both Universities were ready to compete and spectate at Snow Sports 2016, the annual competition between The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.


University of Sheffield crowned Varsity Champions for the fourth year running

This year’s Varsity competition has marked the twentieth year of Varsity, and what a competition it has been. It has been neck and neck throughout, with both Universities drawing on a number of days the competition has been tight. However, the overall score for this year’s competition was 42-35 with University of Sheffield retaining the title for the fourth year running.