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Varsity Finals Day

Wednesday 29th March packed all the punch the final day of Varsity should. The events of the day took place at Ponds Forge, Goodwin Sports Centre and the Climbing Works, then closing with Ice Hockey at the Sheffield Arena. Uni of Sheffield were looking to maintain, if not extend their lead and Team Hallam were looking to make ground and catch up.



Pushing ever closer to the final events of Varsity 2017, English Institute of Sport Day brought all the excitement and Varsity spirit. The uncompromising support brought their homemade banners and energy.


American Football

Hosted at University of Sheffield’s home turf, American Football saw the Sheffield Sabres go up against the Sheffield Hallam Warriors, in what was sure to be a momentous game. Held on the 26th March 2017, Team Hallam were looking to pull back a point in an effort to close the gap.


Sports Park Highlights

The weather may have been dull, but the crowds were not. Despite the cold, all the athletes gave their best performances and made it a truly enjoyable day. With 17 points for the taking, it was anyone’s game.


Proudly Supporting the Special Olympics

Each year, the athletes taking part in Sheffield Varsity support a chosen sporting charity. This year we are proudly supporting the Special Olympics. Two years ago our players wore LGBT+ laces for the Out in Sport campaign, last year we supported Sport in Mind, a mental health charity. For this year the campaign is around disability in Sport, with the proceeds going to the Special Olympics charity.


Sports Park

Sheffield Varsity 2017 is finally here after months of training from our athletes. The competition is off to a great start with an electric evening at the boxing where Hallam secured 1 point, a nail biting draw at Snowsports and University of Sheffield securing 0.5 points by winning the cross country cycling.

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Move More Varsity Challenge

Be part of Varsity 2017, become more active and get behind your University with the Move More Varsity Challenge. Students and staff are encouraged to start moving more throughout March to clock up those active minutes whilst in competition against the two universities.


Varsity Boxing

It’s almost time for the first Sheffield Varsity 2017 fixture, on Saturday the 11th of March Team Hallam will take on the University of Sheffield in Varsity Boxing.


The Varsity Oath

Varsity is all about respect and fair play, therefore before all athletes compete in the event they must declare and adhere to the Varsity Oath. This oath embeds a culture of pride, equality and respect for the competitors and spectators. This year we have created a joint university film to embody the spirit of The Oath; the video features some of our talented Varsity athletes and the sports officer from each university.