Rugby Union

Name: Josh Britton

Sport: Men’s Rugby Union

Institution: Sheffield Hallam University

Course: Physical Education and School Sport

Year of Study: Third Year

What does Varsity mean to you? The Oath is important to all participants in Varsity. In terms of Rugby, there are similar links with the core values it holds. It’s important to stick with these and to show respect and sportsmanship to our opponents. As always, Rugby Union is a game about respect and enjoyment.

Tell us a funny story from one of your training sessionsSomeone forgot the bibs one time, and we had to go shirt and skins, too many unhappy rigs were on show.

Rugby Union

Name: Ellie Williams

Sport: Women’s Rugby Union

Institution: The University of Sheffield

Course: Biomedical Science

Year of Study: Fourth Year

What does Varsity mean to you? Varsity is a time where you really feel the Black and Gold community come together to support each other and celebrate each other’s achievements. The variety of sports involved is just amazing and Sheffield’s Varsity is like no other. Our team is so proud to represent our university in such an exciting competition.

Message to the spectators: On the pitch, hearing cheers from the sidelines makes a world of difference. Thank you so much for turning up and showing your support!


Name:Tinky Morris


Institution: Institute of Education

Course: BA (Hons) Primary Education 5-11 with QTS

Year of Study: Second Year

Which Varsity match are you most looking forward to watching? Definitely Ice Hockey. It’s so exciting and the atmosphere is incredible.

Message to the spectators:Turn up and have fun! Varsity is a great way to experience sports you wouldn’t usually watch so get to as many as you can!


Name: Alex Bacon

Sport: Golf

Institution: The University of Sheffield

Course: Chemical Engineering

Year of Study: Third Year

What does Varsity mean to you? Representing UoS and proving that you’re the best team in Sheffield, taking part in the uni collective spirit and playing together.

Why is the Varsity Oath important to you? The Varsity Oath is important because it stands for playing with true sportsmanship whether you win or lose and understanding that you aren’t just representing your uni, but sport as a whole.


Name:Shinade Walters


Institution:The University of Sheffield


What does Varsity mean to you? A couple of weeks where Sport is an enormous focus uni-wide. Where every athlete has the same goal and opponent! We are all a small part of a huge team during Varsity.

Tell us a funny story from one of your training sessions:Our coaches are getting used to using our nicknames constantly. So watching them occasionally call a player multiple names and sometimes making up a few of their own is always entertaining.