Name: Alex Fraser

Sport: Boxing

Institution: The University of Sheffield

Course: Business Management

Year of Study: Second Year

Why is the Varsity Oath important to you? Because it represents the true meaning of sports. To do something you love but to remember, that once the competition is over, your competitor no matter what their gender, race or sexuality, is exactly like you. Just there to do their best and win or lose we should respect that!

What is your favourite Varsity memory? Tough one! I’d have to say seeing my friends compete in their sports. It’s great seeing the look on their faces when they know they’ve done well.


Name: Sarah Higginson

Sport: Cycling

Institution: The University of Sheffield

Course: Medicine

Year of Study: Third Year

What does Varsity mean to you? Team spirit, hard graft, fierce yet friendly competition and black and yellow face paint.

Message to the spectators: Cheering makes a Varsity event – give it your all!


Name:Jordan Singh


Institution:The University of Sheffield

Course:Civil and Structural Engineering

Year of Study: Second Year

What does Varsity mean to you? It gives clubs a chance to showcase the skills developed throughout the year.

Message to the spectators:Everyone is welcome to show support for their team. All we ask is that everyone is respectful to the opponents.