Name:Eva Borrowdale


Institution: Sheffield Hallam University

Course: Events Management with Experiential Marketing

Year of Study: Second Year

What does Varsity mean to you? It’s a chance to compete, but mostly Varsity brings a sense of unity within the university.

Message to the spectators:Enjoy every minute of watching sport and being part of a community. Wherever you can, join in and get involved!

Ultimate Frisbee
Name: Hope Williams

Sport: Ultimate Frisbee

Institution: The University of Sheffield

Course: Bioengineering

Year of Study: Third Year

What does Varsity mean to you? Ultimate is a rather unique sport in the sense that it is self-referred, and therefore after each match both teams come together to discuss how the game went with regards to fair-play. It has become a sort of women’s tradition that we bake cake for each other to enjoy in our discussion. This closeness and friendship we have developed with Hallam is what makes varsity special to me.

Tell us a funny story from one of your training sessions:One of our players did a demo of a drill for the whole squad. Unfortunately his shorts weren’t tied tight enough and so an otherwise impressive floor dive left him a little embarrassed as he flashed the team.


Name:Matt Tung


Institution: Sheffield Hallam University

Course: Sports Technology

Year of Study: Third Year

Why is the Varsity Oath important to you?The Varsity Oath is important to me as fair play allows players to showcase their talent and skills.
Message to the spectators:If you want to watch a fast paced game and some massive smashes from yours truly, badminton is the event to come to.

Rugby League

Name: Milan Patel

Sport: Rugby League

Institution: The University of Sheffield

Course: Accounting and Financial Management

Year of Study: First Year

What does Varsity mean to you? Varsity is the most important game of the year, a high pressure derby match with each team having a true desire to come away with the win. An opportunity for each team member to represent their university in front of their own peers.

Which Varsity match are you most looking forward to watching? Football!

Table Tennis

Name:Amy Humphreys

Sport:Table Tennis

Institution:The University of Sheffield

Course:Biomedical Science

Year of Study: Second Year

Why is the Varsity Oath important to you? Despite it being a fun competition, sportsmanship and respect keep it competitive and meaningful.

Message to the spectators:Come watch us play at EIS and see what competitive table tennis is all about!