Name:Jay Shelton-Davidson


Institution: Sheffield Hallam University

Course: Business Studies

Year of Study: Second Year

What is your favourite Varsity memory? In Val D’Isere we won the Skiing racing varsity in a close finish! With Shu Snow charging up the hill to congratulate all of us, followed by Aprés with the varsity cup.

Message to the spectators:Have fun! And respect the other spectators.

Name: Frankie Dimambro-Denson

Sport: Skiing

Institution: The University of Sheffield

What does Varsity mean to you? So much, I love the competitiveness and there’s always a brilliant atmosphere around campus seeing everyone’s support wearing Black and Gold!

Message to the spectators:Come and watch, support and cheer our incredible athletes, they’ve trained so hard and would love your support in their matches!


Name: Alex Tapply

Sport: Snowboarding

Institution: The University of Sheffield

Course: Economics and Politics

Year of Study: Third Year

What does Varsity mean to you? It’s an awesome experience getting to compete on behalf of the university, especially with snowsports where on the Ashes 2 Alps Trip we get to score the first points of varsity each year.

What is your favourite Varsity memory? Competing in the snowboarding racing in my first year of uni, it was some of the first snow sports competing I’d done and gave me the buzz to do more of it.